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Adopt an Elephant

Adopt an Elephant Scheme (Individuals)




At the GRI Elephant Orphanage Project, Zambia we are providing sanctuary to 13 abandoned elephants. Many of these vulnerable youngsters have been orphaned because their mother and family have been killed as a result of brutal ivory poaching. Until their release, which may not be until they are in their early teens, the trained elephant keepers are the orphans’ family and have a very special bond with these amazing animals.


We need YOUR help to be able to give these elephants a second chance.


For a minimum donation of USD65 you can become an elephant parent for one of the orphans, Chamilandu, Nkala or Kasewe for one year. Chamilandu is the matriarch of our Kafue orphan herd and Nkala recently joined the rest of the release herd at the Elephant Release Facility in Kafue National Park. Kesewe is one of the latest rescues that is currently in our Elephant Orphanage in Lilayi.

When payment is made, you will receive:

  • An Adoption Certificate with the profile and photos of your orphan’s story;
  • Quarterly updates highlighting events in the progress of your orphan including photos;
  • Monthly newsletter from GRI about all of our projects and activities which you are helping to support;

If you are based in Zambia cash, cheque and transfers are accepted into our Zambian bank account.

If you are based elsewhere in the world international payments accepted through our Just Giving page. Please, don’t forget to indicate your name and the amount paid.

In both circumstances, please contact us if you are interested in adopting an elephant!

Thank you for your vital support to conservation in Zambia and helping to save these amazing creatures.