Globally our wildlife is depleting at an increasingly alarming rate, and sadly not enough people realize the extent of what is happening and the consequences it will have upon our lives and environment. Poaching for the illegal trade in live animals, animal products and bush meat, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict is quickly killing off the highly charismatic and majestic elephant, but also a range of lesser known species such as sables, pangolins, yellow baboons and vervet monkeys. If we don’t do something about it, much of Africa’s unique wildlife will be but a memory for coming generations.

Game Rangers International (GRI) is a Zambian organisation working in closely with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to protect the country’s amazing wildlife. Through support to law-enforcement and anti-trafficking, animal welfare, community outreach and education, research and policy work, GRI aims to help secure Zambia’s unique eco-systems and preserve the wildlife in them.

What can you do to help?

You can adopt any of the three orphaned elephants on the adoption plan, Nkala (Young Male), Kasewe (Young Female) and Chamilandu (Older Male)

How to adopt!

  1. Adopt an orphaned elephant for a year as an individual or through your company’s corporate social responsibility program. Visit the links below for more details:

  1. Visit the gift store at Lilayi Elephant Nursery where you can purchase Christmas cards, toys, elephant themed jewelry, candle holders and much more.


  1. Buy our limited Edition prints by David Shepherd available at the town Office and the Lilayi Elephant Nursery


  1. Or simply donate online to support Zambia’s wildlife and feel secure in the knowledge that you have given the most precious gift this Christmas, the gift of life.

Follow the link below to make a donation.

Please, don’t forget to indicate your name, the amount donated and what the donation is for. This could be your most memorable Christmas that will leave a lasting positive impact on generations to come.

For more details email