Foster an Elephant


Support GRI by becoming an Elephant Foster Parent for just ZMW 5,000 per month!




The GRI Foster an Elephant Scheme is a great opportunity for Zambian or international companies to increase their brand awareness in Zambia whilst supporting corporate social responsibility and conserving Zambia’s natural heritage.

Your generous gift will cover the entire costs of your fostered elephant orphan for one year and in return you will receive:

  • Exclusive fostering of the elephant orphan of your choice for one year (renewable annually);
  • Quarterly updates with photographs on your elephant;
  • Elephant orphan ‘photo/story board’ featuring your logo/business for you to display;
  • CSR certificate, photo and profile of your chosen elephant orphan;
  • Promotion of your logo/business alongside your chosen elephant on all GRI publications: Newsletters, Newsflashes, Magazine articles, Website, Facebook, including representation on the GRI Sponsor’s Board and Information Boards at Lilayi Elephant Nursery;
  • A visit to the Lilayi Elephant Nursery for the school of your choice;
  • Elephant dung Christmas cards featuring your elephant;
  • A David Shepherd print;

For more information on how to join the scheme, please email us!