GRI would like to thank the following Major Partners for their invaluable support to the organisation:

DNPW logo

Department of National Parks and Wildlife


The Department of National Parks and Wildlife is the government wing responsible for the significant task of managing Zambia’s vast protected areas. GRI work together with DNPW on a daily basis in order to strengthen conservation in Zambia. GRI and DNPW work together specifically through the special anti-poaching unit based in Kafue NP and the intelligence and investigations unit in Chilanga, Lusaka as well as various other departments.

David Shepherd Logo colour

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation


GRI was established in 2007 with initial, critical funding from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. The Foundation has supported GRI constantly through many fundraising activities and events, as well as providing various methods of logistical support on an ongoing basis. Now, DSWF provide core support to all of the GRI projects (apart from the Kafue Research Project). We are indebted to DSWF’s constant support and very proud of our close working relationship.


International Fund for Animal Welfare


Since 2013 the International Fund for Animal Welfare have been the major donor of the Elephant Orphanage Project. They also provide invaluable technical assistance to GRI overall. In 2013 they provided equipment and training support to the Kafue Conservation Project and in 2014 have extended their funding to education and community projects.




In 2013 Panthera started to support GRI’s law enforcement support to the Busanga area of northern Kafue NP. They also provide support to the Special Anti-Poaching Unit’s activities in Kafue NP and Lusaka. GRI and ZAWA have also benefitted from significant technical assistance and support from Panthera’s lion team on the ground.


Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservancy in Zambia has been supporting GRI’s Kafue Conservation Project through support to the Special Anti-Poaching Unit’s activities conducting anti-poaching activities in Kafue NP and anti-trafficking support in Lusaka. TNC has also supported the Fire Fighting Team and aerial patrols in Kafue NP

OAT logo 1

Olsen Animal Trust


Olsen Animal Trust is a family trust that supports animal welfare initiatives around the globe. Their vision is to end animal cruelty and exploitation, enhance animal welfare, and conserve wildlife in their natural habitat. OAT has become an important partner to GRI and is currently supporting both GRI - Kafue Conservation Project. They are also providing much needed support to administrative and logistical development within GRI.