Cosmas Mumba

Cosmas Mumba

Project Manager – Zambia Primate Project


Cosmas profileCosmas is the Project Manager for GRI – Zambia Primate Project. He has been in this role for 14 years, long before GRI took over the management of ZPP. Cosmas’s job is to confiscate captured and badly treated vervet monkeys and baboons, and integrate them back into the wild, their home.

Cosmas rescues, rehabilitates and releases them back into the bush so they can live in freedom instead of in a cage. He is working with a fabulous team and to date, they have released over 500 primates. He spends most of his time working directly on the programme. He is either on a confiscation, training a new troop of primates to live and protect each other, or out in the bush, releasing the primates into the wild.

Cosmas has learnt all his skills from direct experience, and have an innate desire to help these primates gain their freedom. Whilst school gave him his grounding and foundations, it’s the bush that has been his greatest teacher. He has gained his life skills from nature itself and it teaches him something new everyday.



 The brief visual below shows the work Cosmas does through the Zambia Primate Project