Lasick Kapeshi

Lasick Kapeshi

Head Keeper Kafue Release Facility


Lasick joined EOP when developments got underway in 2007. He started work at Camp Phoenix (the base camp of the Release Facility) as a labourer but was quickly identified as a very suitable Elephant Keeper due to his strong work ethic, attention to detail and love of the elephants. Lasick’s natural leadership skills became very apparent and he holds great respect amongst this fellow teammates.

Lasick on his roles with GRI:

  • I am the Head Elephant Keeper at the EOP Kafue Release Facility based in the south of Kafue National Park. I have a strong team of fellow Keepers and together we care for Zambia’s orphaned elephants
  • I am a father of 18! six are my children (who live in nearby Itezhi-Tezhi town) and twelve are the elephant babies in our care
  • Chamilandu is now big but she is still a young girl, and she needs us from time to time