Rabin Naidoo

Lilayi Elephant Nursery Manager

Rab cropped

Originating from South Africa Rabin spent five years with the South African Air Force before completing a BSc degree in Zoology and Ecology and a post-graduate certificate in Captive/ Semi Captive Wild Animal Management in New Zealand. He developed further experience in anti poaching, ecological and animal management and education back in SA and worked for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals early in 2016 before joining GRI.

Rabin on his roles with GRI:

My job here is to ensure effective and efficient daily functioning of the Nursery and to educate the public where possible on the project. I strive to ensure staff satisfaction and to mentor all team members whilst monitoring the health, behaviour and general well being of the elephants in our care. My aims are to raise the levels of LEN in all aspects which include the number of orphans being reported to the GRI team.