GRI would like to thank the following Project Partners for their invaluable support to the organisation:


1-AWF Logo

African Wildlife Foundation


In 2014, the African Wildlife Foundation started to support the DNPW Special Anti-Poaching Unit as well as the DNPW Intelligence and Investigations Unit and a Dog Detection Team Trial.


WECSZ Kafwala Camp


WECSZ Kafwala Camp support GRI Kafue Conservation Project through an annual donation as well as a conservation levy of ZMW 100 per occupied night.

4-STE China 2

Save the Elephants


Since 2015, Save the Elephants are supporting the Busanga Anti-Poaching Unit and increased law-enforcement in the northern parts of Kafue National Park.

5-Supporting lodges

Safari Industry Operators


Several Safari industry operators in Kafue National Park support the GRI Kafue Conservation Project through regular donations or the collection of a conservation bed night levy. These are: Jeffery & McKeith Safaris - Musekese Camp Kafwala Camp - Busanga Trails, Kaingu Safari lodge, Mukambi Safaris Lodge and Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp

6-LOGO Beit Trust

Beit Trust


Since 2015, Beit Trust is supporting Kafue Conservation Project and has enabled the installation of a borehole, a storage container and fuel storage.

7-Elephant Charge

Elephant Charge


The Elephant Charge is an annual 4x4 motorsport challenge in the Zambian bush. It is organized by a voluntary committee and raises funds for several conservation organisation’s throughout Zambia. Kafue Conservation Project: Outreach and Education uses the funds to cover some of our costs of delivering environmental education to schools around Kafue NP.

8-NMC logo1

National Milling Corporation


National Milling Corporation sponsors the “Conservation Conversations” radio program reaching the communities around Itehzi-Tehzi town on the border of Kafue NP, distributing information about environmental challenges and solutions to local communities.

The Nature Conservancy

Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy in Zambia has been supporting GRI’s Kafue Conservation Project through support to the Special Anti-Poaching Unit’s activities conducting anti-poaching activities in Kafue National Park and anti-trafficking support in Lusaka. TNC has also supported the Fire Fighting Team and aerial patrols in Kafue National Park

GRI Elephant Orphanage Project Partners are:

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The Foundation has supported GRI constantly through many fundraising activities and events, as well as providing various methods of logistical support on an ongoing basis. We are indebted to DSWF’s constant support and very proud of our close working relationship


International Fund for Animal Welfare

Since 2013 the International Fund for Animal Welfare have been the major donor of the Elephant Orphanage Project. They also provide invaluable technical assistance to GRI overall. In 2013 they provided equipment and training support to the Kafue Conservation Project and in 2014 have extended their funding to education and community projects.

9-logo_Pro Wildlife fb

Pro Wildlife


Pro Wildlife is a charity based in Germany, committed to the protection and conservation of wildlife. The organization’s goal is to protect species in peril due to hunting and capture for trade or habitat destruction such as logging, marine pollution or through climate change. Since its founding in 1999, Pro Wildlife has been advocating for increased legal protection of wildlife and has actively been contributing to international Conventions. Lean on administration but generous on funding, Pro Wildlife supports projects aiming at the conservation of biological diversity. Pro Wildlife inter aliafunds the rescue and care for orphaned elephants, great apes and monkeys in Africa and Asia.


Colchester Zoo


Colchester Zoo is a zoological garden situated in Colchester, England. The zoo opened in 1963. It is home to over 260 different species, many of which are endangered, including big cats, primates and birds. In 1993, Colchester Zoo set up Action for the Wild to support conservation projects worldwide. Action for the Wild achieved charitable status in 2004 and works to assists conservation projects through both financial and technical assistance. Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild has been supporting EOP since 2009. </P



Elephantopia started to support the GRI Elephant Orphanage Project in 2014 through collecting donations in the United States. Through this fundraising Elephantopia sponsors the costs associated with caring for Kavalamanja one of the orphaned elephant calves currently being rehabilitated at the Kafue Release Facility. Elephantopia is an initiative founded by Elizabeth Chitwood, based in Florida whose mission is to 'work locally and globally to foster a harmonious future for elephants and humans through education, action and partnerships". Elephantopia is a registered nonprofit in the state of Texas and have 501(c)3 status.

12-Komatsu logo

Komatsu Zambia

Komatsu Zambia, Suppliers of Contruction and Mining Equipment in Zambia have generously donated to the rebuild and maintenance of the GRI Elephant Orphanage Project Kafue Release Facility infrastructure.


Vrienden van de Olifant


Vrienden van de Olifant are a Dutch organisation who coordinate an elephant adoption scheme on behalf of the GRI Elephant Orphanage Project.


Lafarge Zambia

Lafarge Zambia is the leading supplier of building materials and construction solutions provider in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). LaFarge Zambia generously donated $100,000 in 2012 to build Lilayi Elephant Nursery.

Other GRI Partners are:

1-AWF Logo

African Wildlife Foundation

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is generously supporting the Department of National Parks and Wildlife's operations and equipment for the Rapid Response Unit as well as some direct costs.



Panthera is an important partner to GRI and is providing great support to the projects policy work. Panthera and GRI also previously collaborated around a research project on the illegal bushmeat trade in Zambia.

18KPMG logo


KPMG is a generous sponsor of the Community Outreach and Education Programme, which allows the future leaders of Zambia to learn about the importance of conservation and environmental protection. .

19UNFAO logo

UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is providing generous support to the study into the illegal bushmeat trade in Zambia.

20Kanyemba lodge logo

Kanyemba Lodge

Kanyemba Lodge has kindly supported the purchase of crates for rescued pangolins and help reduce trafficking.


7-Elephant Charge

Elephant Charge

Elephant Charge is an annual 4x4 motorsport challenge in the Zambian bush. It is organized by a voluntary committee and raises funds for several conservation organisation’s throughout Zambia.

12-Komatsu logo


Komatsu is providing much need support to the study into the illegal bushmeat trade in Zambia.

BioCarbon Partners (BCP) is an African-headquartered, focused and majority African-owned social enterprise that develops and manages long-term forest carbon projects in globally significant biodiversity landscapes in Africa.