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Animal welfare is a crucial aspect of GRI’s operations in Zambia.



A new project, GRI – Wildlife Veterinary Project (WVP) was started in 2015 in Kafue National Park (KNP). Various human activities, such as poaching and snaring, are severe threats against the wildlife in the Park. WVP is working together with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to rescue and rehabiliate injured wildlife in the Park.

WVP is developing a veterinary clinic linked to a rehabilitation centre close to Mukambi Safari Lodge in KNP. This clinic will also work as an operational base for a rapid response mobile veterinary team, which can be easily deployed to assist injured wildlife inside the national park.

The main challenges faced by the WVP team are snares used by poacher to catch bush meat. They are a cruel and non-selective way to kill animals. Together with DNPW, the WVP team will be able to go to treat injured wildlife the best and most ethical way possible. WVP is also working alongside DNPW to assist them in rescues and releases of illegally captured wildlife, such as pangolins.

WVP is also planning to develop a community program to assist local farmers. By improving the health and ability of the livestock, communities will become more sustainable in terms of their food production, which will lead to improved health. The community programme will also include dog population control to combat rabies, a disease that is common in all of Zambia.

WVP is working in close collaboration with DNPW as well as with the Veterinary Council of Zambia and the Department of Veterinary Services to offer professional training to Zambian veterinarians, for example in wildlife management.

The project combines conservation and animal welfare through its work with the communities and its mission to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals.

WVP is kindly supported by the Worldwide Veterinary Service and Fondation Brigitte Bardot.